Beat Saber – 2020 needed Virtual Reality, Music and Exercise (all at once)

I am not lying when I say that without my boyfriend, I would not know that much about gaming, technologies and innovations. In fact, I would probably live in a world where those things don’t exist and where people who spend their free time locked at home playing computer games are somehow worse than those people, who – at home as well – read or knit or whatever. I am quite ashamed of this former opinion of mine. But as I mentioned – my boyfriend Pavel made me realize how stupid this was and how amazing the “nerd world” can be. Of course, I have never become that passionate when it comes to games or computers etc. but I don’t despise it any more. There are many games I really enjoy playing (together with Pavel, his sister or with friends or family) and I consider this time well spent. Now I don’t say I know that much about computers, but my knowledge is certainly bigger than it was before. (Where are those times when I thought I don’t need technologies for living!)


However, back to the topic! Beat Saber. A VR-Game of Czech origin (was developed in Unity by Czech people in 2018) became a world-wide phenomenon. Virtual Reality has been here for a while now, it’s constantly developing, getting better. It’s a place where you can (as a developer or an artist) realize your fantastic ideas. To me, it has always been somehow unknown and unnecessary, I’ve only got used to play “normal” games! My boyfriend has been – of course – dreaming of a VR Headset for a long time. And then – 2020 happened. March, April. We were locked at home, I attended university, Pavel worked remotely. We had plenty of things to do, but still sometimes we got bored. Travelling was not an option any more – so we saved some money. That’s why we decided to buy a VR headset. After all, we had those long winter evenings on our minds. I have to admit I did not take any part in choosing the proper headset. All I cared about was how much I was looking forward to playing Beat Saber – a game where music, dancing → exercise are combined and you can play it from your living room.

Right from the beginning I’ve known this game is perfect for me. I am not very talented but I really do love music. I wanted to listen to my favourite songs while being active. It is so freeing! As if you were jogging or walking but not quite the same. You have to concentrate on the music, feel the rhythm, move your arms (but it’s automatic). The songs are mostly in 5 levels playable – you start on Easy and after some time you get to play Expert+.

Me playing Beat Saber. I tried to record some videos but I don’t have the patience, equipment and talent to make something more of it. It’s just so you see how it looks like.

What I love on Beat Saber the most?

  • After the whole day “at the university”, I find it amazing to stretch myself, listen to some music and just wave my arms. When it’s raining, when it’s dark outside, when you are too lazy to go out or when you want to get out from the reality, you can play Beat Saber. Of course, I would not compare it to walking in nature, those are two completely different things. Beat Saber, however, can wake you up, get hold of you and embolden you!
  • The Emboldening is really important here. I have not experienced a lot of situations, where you can literally with every step you take, with every minute you spend and with every move you make see the improvement. It’s unbelievable. The joy when you finish the song on a higher level than before. When you don’t miss any tiles or when you avoid all obstacles. When you have a new high score. Those moments show that improving takes patience and time but it will eventually happen, you will eventually get better.
  • You can play Beat Saber as a proper workout. Some songs are so complicated that you won’t be able to count the squats. It’s beneficial to your back and arm muscles mostly (I would compare it to swimming). This form of exercise does not hurt and you don’t have to constantly count the time that’s left till the end. You just play, listen to music you feel like to listen to and you stop whenever you want (or when your arms start to hurt).

What I, on the other hand, don’t like that much?

  • Although Beat Saber is an excellent form of relaxing and having fun, you cannot play it for a too long period of time. You can wear the headset just a few hours before your head/eyes give you a signal to take a break. And you won’t be able to stand for a long time, too.
  • Well you can play any song you please, but the downloading of custom maps is illegal and it is not supported by the official version of Beat Saber. I understand it, the copyrights to the music must be respected. But we hope this situation will get better and that Beat Saber will offer more songs officially.

It is definitely worth the money to buy the VR Headset Oculus Quest. You don’t need it necessarily for your life. But what do you really need? Thanks to Beat Saber, we spend plenty of wonderful time together, had fun, laughed, challenged ourselves and got exhausted on the couch after playing. And those are the things we need. Sometimes it is a good change. You don’t feel like reading all the time. You don’t want to do Jillian Michael’s workouts for the rest of your life. I believe that the more hobbies you have, the more possibilities you grasp, the more open you are to new things, the easier it is to cope with reality (and we all know now that reality can change suddenly and mess with all our plans).

My tip for you to watch is this Youtuber, Naysy!

Do you play (computer) games? Have you experienced virtual reality? And how do you surround yourselves with your favourite songs?

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