A Family Visit And A Beginning Of Term

Last week (on Sunday), my parents and my little sister Betty came to our place in Wurzen, Germany for a one-day visit. This made me really happy because I haven’t seen them for two months and who knows when there will be another opportunity to see them. It was also a really nice Indian summer day and therefore a chance to say goodbye to the summer and to get ready for the oncoming term at the university.

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The past week(s) was (/were) surprisingly good and joyful although I must have flared up a few times and my boyfriend Pavel, being the only one around, had to cope with it. I really appreciated how you reacted to this new blog webpage and the nice comments you have left under the last article. There were even some people I thought I will never hear of again, and yet, they are still on the blogging scene. Wonderful. A meeting with the students from our double-degree field of study took place at the university, but unfortunately, no one from Prague could be there. At least I saw after a while my classmates and was sorry for a moment that our time together at the university will be probably just online (because frankly, who can be optimistic about the Corona-situation?)

Maybe you’re asking how is my German pronunciation going on. As you know, I am trying to work on it, really hard. Some things are getting better – [eː] and [ç] sound quite well already and the most problematic letter to pronounce is [l], which is spoken totally differently from the Czech one. It should not sound that dark. I don’t have a problem when the “l” comes at the beginning of a word, but when it comes after a consonant, it gets really hard to pronounce. The aspiration is quite fun, I am always worried that I accidentally spit something at someone (but as long as we communicate only via web cameras, there is no need to worry, right?) I am writing this paragraph for my future self as well – I really wonder what will change in the next year and how far I can go. Maybe I will even be happy with myself!

Well, this is connected yet to another thing, where you can see how far away the past can seem to be. Our winter term at the university has begun and I attended an Italian B1 class right on Monday in the morning. Of course, I realized right then how bad my knowledge is and how much I need to work to be able to come along. I knew that I need to focus on the vocabulary and the grammar I should probably already know. And I must confess I was really surprised how hard and painful it felt – to have to concentrate on stuff, to accept the fact that I cannot understand and that I can work just really slow and that I am making a lot of mistakes… Then I complained loudly (my boyfriend was listening). I probably won’t manage. I am not able to learn new things anymore, I am too old and stupid. I don’t even understand how I was able to learn German. He answered me: “Are you sure you did not feel the exact same way back then when you were starting to learn German?” At this point, I was already smiling. He was right of course. I am always so confused and overwhelmed at the beginning and I feel like I cannot possibly get through. However, German is evidence that it is possible. Just the comparison between the last term and this one is clear – back then, I wasn’t even able to turn my microphone on, now I have no problem to speak, ask, answer and communicate in German, I don’t even have to think about it. But of course, it can always get better…

That’s it for now. I wish you all wonderful October/November days and lots of optimism and faith in yourselves!

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